Makes your muscles rock
hard, while you work, drive or
watch TV on your sofa!


  • Don’t like your BEER BELLY and want to get rid of it?
  • Want to keep your internal organs healthy?
  • Fit better in your clothing and have more confidence?
  • Wish to look better naked?
  • Would you just like to get more GIRLS?

Easy as one-two-three!

Install 2 AAA batteries

Attach Smart Abs Trainer to your belly and Smart Hand Tabs to your biceps

Press button. You will feel light vibrations - that means Trainer just started building your muscles

Enjoy your daily routine, while Trainer is building your muscles in a most efficient way!

Smart ABS Trainer
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How it works

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is exactly what it sounds like: using an electrical current to stimulate your muscles. This can be done because your muscles naturally contract in response to electrical signals sent by your brain, and Smart Abs Trainer replicate these impulses, causing muscles to contract on command.

There are 2 primary ways to get stronger:
1. Increase muscle size
2. Increase muscle efficiency

Smart Abs Trainer works in both directions!

1. Weightlifting and workouts involve contracting your muscles over and over, and they respond by growing bigger and stronger. Smart Abs Trainer also contracts your muscles over and over, and is able to stimulate muscle growth too.

2. The more individual fibers in a muscle that can be activated, and the harder and faster they can fire, the more weight they can move. Smart Abs Trainer increases strength by improving muscle efficiency. That is, by “teaching” your muscle fibers to fire more effectively. Studies show that it can activate about 30% more fibers in a given muscle than simply flexing it.

Thanks to its compact design, you can use Smart Abs Trainer anywhere!






Watching TV


At night

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Smart ABS Trainer really works! Read Reviews

Gerald W.Bethizy

Super fast shipping by receiving the item in couple days. After using 5 days so far and it's working to meet my expectation and really work on abs and feel great. The gels are very clean to take on and off and don't stick 100% on your body if you have some hair, the provided belt really makes it all seamless and not slip at all. It's very high quality training pad and I am impressed with the packaging. Versy easy to hook it up and the wireless controls are easy to use and the adjustment of strength is simple as well.

I am very pleasantly surprised with this! and highly recommend to people wish to have easy workout.


Got this today and I can definitely feel it working. It is a lot more powerful than I expected. I will see how this goes and update it in about a month.


My son loves the gym and he thinks this product is great. Once you press the wireless remote control button the muscle toning machines simulate your muscles with powerful electric pulses that automatically tighten and tone your abs, just as if you had done a workout and you can wear it under your clothes and exercise anytime you want, it makes your workout so much easier. Highly recommended !!!


Very cool EMS machine. I have had approx. 1/2 dozen of these over the years. WI-FI is new to me. Eliminates cords. Takes two AAA Batteries. Love it.

Update: Wife just got home to hook this up to my back, which has been hurting for weeks. Pads are self sticking, you turn each pads power unit on and they automatically sync to the remote. Works Great, Love it.


Lots of options in use, well made.


Here's the thing:
It works.
It really truly works.
If you're obese, lose a lot of weight before using this otherwise is won't work. The devices stimulate your muscle via electrical currents. If you're too fat and your skin doesn't stop wriggling if you shake, then you show lose some weight first so that it's more effective.

Smart ABS Trainer
is now ON SALE


Free Shipping 100% Guarantee Money Back