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Keeping your makeup clean

If you never think about how long that powder, foundation, eyeliner, and especially mascara, have been in your medicine cabinet or purse, perhaps you should. Those cosmetic products could be bacterial breeding grounds. Never Touch or Share Your Cosmetic Products “My estheticians are very careful when applying makeup,” says Helga Surratt, president of About Faces Day Spa & Salon in Towson, MD. “The simplest and easiest way to handle makeup and not contaminate it is just don’t touch it” with your bare hands. To keep your makeup bacteria-free, try this advice: Help For Adult MDD A Treatment Option for Adults With Depression. Learn More.   Take foundation out of the container before applying. Remove stick or pressed foundation with a small, clean makeup...

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13 tips on how to have a great camping experience

As the long and lazy days of summer give way to homework, carpools, business meetings and deadlines, it’s easy to let outdoor time fall by the wayside. While fitness goals and a renewed commitment to self-care are all the buzz as spring temperatures climb, most of us slip from summer into winter with an ever-growing to-do list as the holidays loom large and chaotic on the horizon. Minor changes to your weekly routine can break this cycle, opening up time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends in any season. And the benefits are many. We know that time in nature and physical exercise reduce stress and aid in weight loss, but there’s a growing body of research suggesting that’s only...

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